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“The treasure hunts were my favorite parts, but I loved all of it. I hope that I come back next year, but this time for two weeks. From Norah.”
Norah S., Age 8, Redondo Beach


“Of all the camps my daughter did this summer, she said that South Bay Eco Kids was her favorite. She originally was signed up for a half day but wanted to go for a full day so that she wouldn’t miss out on the fun. She particularly loved the nature journal and pet plant. There were so many educational and fun projects throughout the week. Kathleen taught some very important and easy to understand lessons about the earth and how to care for it properly. My daughter loved this camp, and will definitely be returning next year.” – Nicky T., Hermosa Beach


“South Bay Eco Kids is a hidden gem among beach area camps. This camp is educational, engaging, and inspiring. Summers should be filled with climbing trees, exploring the wilderness and getting messy and I was so thankful that this camp provided C with that opportunity. She came home every day covered in dirt & a huge grin on her face. Not only did she have fun, but she learned so much about the environment in a deeper way. It is a rare setting where she was able to be immersed in the lessons of environmentalism while running in nature and collaborating with friends.” – Lachmi, Redondo Beach

“Our daughter attended the South Bay Eco kids camp this summer and she just loved it. She got to learn about all the creatures that live in the wilderness park, meet new friends, and explore the park which all kids should do rather than just play video games and sit in front of the TV. Thanks again for a great week.” – Lance D., Redondo Beach


“South Bay Eco Kids is a great hands-on summer camp. If your child loves to explore outside, this is definitely the camp to try. Kathleen and Emily are great guides. They keep the children engaged at all times. They allow the children the time to explore, play, and create. From what my daughter tells, me there was never a dull moment at the camp. In addition, the nature-inspired crafts were a big hit for my daughter. She loved the camp so much, she didn’t want it to end. During camp, she learned about ecosystems, food webs, ways she can pitch in to help our earth and so much more. Our family opted for the half day option due to our schedule. Both the full day and half day options are easily affordable. And for what you get, it’s definitely worth the price!” – L.G., Redondo Beach


“I was excited to find a camp for my first grader that would allow her to get in touch with nature! Not only did she love it (woke up smiley and eager to go – rare for such a shy and grumpy kid), she came home telling me things we needed to do to help the environment. I was concerned about her being outside for the full day (6 hours), but she was disappointed to leave each day so I guess the time wasn’t too long. She came home with neat crafts that were useful (hummingbird feeder, nature journal, painted rocks for the garden, etc.), no plastic clutter or loads of things I had to find a place for like other camps. She dragged me into the park each day that show me the fort they had made beneath a bush and a “natural” seesaw. She also told me they saved a turtle! What a great experience for a city kid!” – Erin C., Redondo Beach


“My girls had such a great time Eco Kids camp! They learned so much about the environment, animals and they had so much fun! Favorite activities included climbing trees, making s’mores and the big treasure hunt. We will definitely do this camp again!” – Kerri Smith, Redondo Beach


“South Bay Eco Kids Camp was the perfect first time camp experience for my 6 year old! We loved everything about the camp – the beautiful Wilderness park where it was held, the small group size & personal attention that the campers benefitted from, and the activities and learning that happened over the course of the week. My son came home each day telling me excitedly about feeding the fish, learning about the food web, climbing trees and picking up trash at the park. The activities were a good mix of games and learning. Kathleen and her staff are extremely warm and connected with the kids right away. You can tell the camp was born from her genuine desire to engage and immerse children in nature, rather than being driven by commercial interests!” – Deepa B., Torrance


My kids have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of South Bay Eco Kids Camp for the last two summers. Especially the youngest, she came back with a beaming smile on her face daily. They attended for two weeks and they continue to learn about the environment, habitats and protecting our resources, animals, reusing and recycling materials, and just spending most of their time playing outside, wandering in nature. We look forward to attending in future summers! – A.C., Redondo Beach


“My daughter attended this camp. She loves it! It was a smaller group of kids (9-10 kids) and this created a great environment for teaching/learning about nature and helping our environment. She came home every day in a great mood and happy to share her projects with us. She enjoyed sharing her eco-based projects, such as a recycled water bottle hummingbird feeder. Great value for a great service. I strongly recommend Eco Kids! Heather L., Redondo Beach


“If you want your kids to have a great week, send them to this camp. Kathleen, a former teacher, and Emily are excellent at helping kids learn about the environment and how they can be better stewards of the earth. My daughter came home each day with something new we could try as a family or a new fact about the environment. The crafts were awesome, the free play was just the right amount, and they did a great job helping the kids learn how to find the fun with the simple things around us. They also did a great job of keeping the kids in the shade and making sure everyone was safe.” – Jennifer C., Hermosa Beach


“My daughter attended this camp for one week and did the full-day option. She said it was the BEST camp she did this summer. She was very excited for each day. The camp director was extremely informational and organized – I even got an “End of Camp Summary” email with pictures of my daughter. My daughter came home everyday with something special she learned about our environment/nature. The activities she did everyday were very interactive, fun, and engaging. Wilderness Park was a great venue because it allowed the kids to explore nature first-hand and create in an environment they were learning about. I cannot be happier with the camp and will definitely sign up again next summer!” – Angel M., Hawthorne, CA


“As we were leaving camp on the last day my daughter sighed and said, “I’m actually going to miss this camp.” Me: “Oh, yea? Why?” (She’s been to quite a few camps in her life and never said anything like this). She proceeded, “I woke up every day looking forward to coming here!” Clearly she had a transformational experience in this camp – a chance to be in nature and learn with hands on experiences about the joys of caring for our planet. What a gift that it was fun for her, to boot! Many thanks to the wonderful leaders of the camp – we highly recommend it.”- Jen C., Redondo Beach, CA


My girls had so much fun at this camp. It was so great to hear what they had learned each day and brought back many fond memories of my childhood (growing up in the country). They are addicted to cat’s cradle now and have showed all their friends how to do it too. My younger daughter had great stories each day.” – Colleen C., Hermosa Beach, CA